A summary of the current news

New engine bonnet extensions are available

  • Metal engine bonnet extensions are now available for other cars (in the next few days).
  • Like all of our other extensions they all carry vehicle specific TÜV part certification.
  • Cars: Audi A3/8L, Audi A4/B5, VW Polo 9N, VW Lupo, VW Lupo 3L/GTI, Seat Ibiza (>99), Seat Cordoba (>99), VW Polo 6N2, VW Passat 3BG


GTI-Five front skirts are now available for the VW Lupo as well.

  • The GTI-Five look is now available for all VW Lupos (even fits GTIs and 3Ls)
  • It can also be fitted to original Golf 5 GTI facings like all of our other GTI-Five front skirts.

Bodykit for Seat Ibiza 6L Cupra is now available

  • Front add-ons, side skirts and rear add-ons are now available for all Ibiza 6L Cupras and models with the same-size skirts (sport, etc.).
  • The side skirts can also be used with standard Ibizas.
  • Complete single piece front and rear skirts will shortly be available for standard Ibizas as well and our add-ons for the Cupras include integrated side-gills.

Other single frame front skirts are available for Audi A3-8P (2003>)

  • Due to an immense number of enquires we are now able to offer you a second design in addition to our earlier single-frame front skirt for the Audi A3-8P in which the side of the original plastic facing and the fog-light can be integrated.
  • The new design differs from the old one in so far as the VW Golf 5 GTI air intake facings can be integrated in the sides, alongside the grill, like other single-frame front skirts supplied by us.
  • Both design versions fit all models built after 2003 that were delivered from the factory without the single-frame optics. No conversion work! Both designs are also available for cars with and without headlight cleaning systems.
  • Images of the new front are being prepared and will be available online in a few days time.

Bodykit offer can now be ordered online

  • Our bodykit range, consisting of front, side skirt an rear add-ons, has been available at a reduced fixed price for virtually all cars for some time now.
  • As these can now be ordered online, please proceed as follows: 1. Download our catalogue using the “Service” navigation option in the new website. You will find all of our bodykit combinations in it together with the respective fixed prices. 2. Place the single item in your customer account’s shopping basket AND the “Bodykit at reduced fixed price” article. Our shop will now calculate the price using the standard single price, however, you will receive a confirmation email from us immediately (during business hours) informing you that we are arranging a bargain fixed price for you.
  • Our online agency already works at full speed to find an ideal solution so that our shop-system can automatically calculate a bargain fixed price for you within a few weeks / months.

RACEDESIGN goes Motorsport

  • We have been the sponsor and parts supplier to the successful Novasport Racing GbR racing team since the beginning of 2007.
  • You will find further information and reports under the “News & Trends > RACEDESIGN goes Motorsport” navigation option.

New single-frame grills are now available

  • We are now able to offer other versions of our single-frame front skirt in addition to the standard original Audi-grill (black with chrome frame).
  • Orig. Audi S-grill (with additional vertical chrome struts) as well as 3 grills made by us whereby the frame finish is not chrome but painted (the complete grill can be supplied in any colour, e.g. chrome-silver or black).
  • All grills fit all of our single-frame skirts, except for the Sharan / Alhambra models.

We have considerably expanded our range of side skirts

  • Our “GT4” and “GT-Race” side skirts are now available for many other types of car.
  • Our “GT4” side skirts made from GFK or ABS/PUR are now available for certain cars.
  • The new “GT4 ReverseType” and “Turbo” designs are now available for many other cars as well.

Bodykits are available for Sharan / Alhambra / Galaxy (all models produced since 2000)

  • Front skirts with integrated design lines for individual styling! You can choose to fit it in the car colour, as single-frame or as GTI-Five. Available for cars with or without headlight cleaning systems. Can be fitted on cars with or without PDC. Front does not fit a Galaxy!
  • Side skirt in our well-proven, perfectly fitting “GT4” design and the rear skirt also comes in our “GT4” design.
  • Can be fitted on cars with or without PDC.

Bodykit with single-frame front for Audi A6 (2001-2004) available

  • As the presentation of our single-frame front for the A6 (1997-2001) brought a perfect response at the 2006 Essen Motorshow we have now developed this design for the facelift model (2001-2004) as well. Available for cars with and without headlight cleaning systems.
  • Side skirts, rear add-on and roof spoiler can also be fitted to the 1997-2001 versions.
  • Headlight covers are also available for models before and after a facelift.

Design modifications to the single-frame front skirt for the A4-8E/B6 (2001>)

  • As many customers have asked us to develop the Cabrio design so that it can also be fitted on the limousine/combi as well we have quickly produced the design conversion. The small openings at the left and right alongside the single-frame grill are now replaced by the air inlet facings from a VW Golf 5 GTI.


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